10 Fantastic Discovery Call Questions | July 29, 2019

So you just signed on a new client…  

Dying to jump on your computer and start structuring new campaigns, you stop and ask yourself, "What do I really know about their business? What are they offering? What are their goals?"  

As a kick-ass digital marketing expert, your job is to know your clients business inside and out. This helps you do your best job of working towards your client's goals. It also empowers you to speak their language, which enables you to create relevant and valuable content.  

Here is a list of 10 questions you need to know before starting a new clients marketing campaign.  

1) Do my services make sense for this kind of business?

Arguably one of the most important, if not the most important question to ask your client and yourself. You need to know if you can bring your client closer to their goals with the services you offer. Some digital marketing services don't fit every business and are just not necessary.  

2) What makes the company stand out from its competitors? 

These things are what makes marketing campaigns shine. Anything from unique features to exclusive offers or discounts can help the success of a clients campaign.  

3) What is that business known for? 

Whether they're known for having the best customer service in the industry or for being the turtle sporting capital of the world, you should consider using your clients "known for" statements in your digital marketing plan. 

Fun Fact: Longville Minnesota is known for being the turtle racing capital of the world. In the summer, turtle races take place every Wednesday.

4) Who is their target audience?

Example: Your client owns a store that specializes only in care for pet birds. They sell food, toys, cages, and grooming services specific to birds only. They won't be happy when a bunch of dog owners are seeing their ads instead of qualified bird lovers.

5) What are the products or services they offer? 

This is a no brainer.

6) What are their marketing goals? 

Example: Of the following metrics, which are you most interested in?

  • Website visits 
  • Conversions (sales, leads, sign-ups)
  • Revenue 
  • ROAS (return on ad spend)
  • Cost per conversion
  • Subscribers
  • Click
  • Brand awareness
  • Outranking competitors etc  

7) What kind of identity/image do they want to portray for their business?  

 A businesses personality and image are often underestimated. A lot of businesses find success in conveying a particular character or vision to their brand, product, or service. 

One of my favorite examples is a recent sensation—Birddogs What I admire so much about their advertising is that it isn't so serious. These guys are showing goofy and funny ads about their awesome products. This kind of advertising is definitely part of their brand's success. Check out their website below: https://www.birddogs.com  

Some other examples include purple mattress brand and drsquatch soap. Similarily these brand convey a more funny/goofy approach to their advertising. Recently, drsqautch has found tremendous success with jokes like being momma's little man and opening the pickle jar on the first try. Watch the drsquatch youtube ad here: https://youtu.be/cjEK7qQKRDY

8) Why are they seeking your help? 

9) Where does the client see their business in 6 months? 1 year? 5 years?

Are there Google Adwords quality scores low? Are they struggling with landing page design?

10) How can you help them close more leads?

Examples :

  • Focusing on quality leads over higher quantities of leads.
  • Using negative keywords to avoid unqualified traffic
  • Building a better landing page so potential customers are more likely to convert on their website.  


Author: Pouria Nastaean

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